5 Common Types of Cherry Pickers

If you are in the market for a cherry picker, you must have come across different designs and styles to choose from. Since the Silicon Valley innovator, Mr. Eitel, designed the mechanical equipment, many more designs have been refined to make their operations even more efficient. While the original machine was used in orchards to reach higher heights, these machines are now used in a wide range of applications. Wether buying or renting a lift(liftutleie) this article should tell you more about what to expect from different types of cherry pickers.

Versatile Application of Cherry Pickers

Most cherry pickers still stay true to the original design where a hydraulic lifting system is used to lift a platform thus allowing workers to access heights and work more effectively. In the modern manufacturing industry, the equipment is also referred to as a boom lift or a basket crane. They are now common in warehouses, movie sets, construction, HVAC installations and repair, painting and decorations, local authorities and many other areas.

Some of the common designs in the market include:

1. Vehicle Mounted Articulated Cherry Pickers

These are very common with contractors and local authorities. Utility companies also mount cherry pickers on top of vehicles to allow easy access to these installations. The vehicle can have outrigger stabilizers to guarantee more stability for the works. The articulated platform makes it possible to reach areas where ladders would not be safe or effective.

2. Trailer Mounted Cherry Pickers

This is another popular option which comes with stable outriggers for safer operations. To power the hydraulic system, you can opt for a small diesel engine or a battery. They are ideal even for uneven ground and they don’t need a dedicated vehicle even when not in use.

3. Scissor Cherry Pickers

The Scissor lift/sakselift cherry picker is a very stable cherry picker that uses the pantograph mechanism to lower and raise the platform. They can be hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic to power the scissor mechanism. They are common in warehouses and the construction industry.

4. All-Terrain Cherry Pickers

These cherry pickers use a self-propelled four-wheel drive system that can take a worker over any ground conditions. They are common in the construction industry and can also have outriggers to provide even more stability while in use. The all-terrain cherry picker can fit into the tightest spaces, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

5. Self-Propelled Cherry Pickers

The self-propelled boom lift can be used both inside a warehouse and outside. They are popular with maintenance contractors because they allow easy reach to the most difficult areas. They can be diesel, petrol, electric or battery powered. They don’t require outriggers as the engine and other components are designed to provide the necessary balance.

More cherry pickers are being developed but the main idea still remains providing more stability and higher access.